• We build Entrepreneurs
  • Skill Development
  • Develop ownership mindset & Self Identification
  • Individual Counselling & Future Roadmap



  • We build Entrepreneurs
  • Skill Development
  • Develop ownership mindset & Self Identification
  • Individual Counselling & Future Roadmap

About Us

 Arvind Tutorials is a well-reputed and one of the leading tutorials in Navi Mumbai. Arvind Tutorials has experience of 20 years in providing excellent teaching services at most affordable prices We, as a team, focus on optimum up-gradation of students.And this is why we have a primary motive to educate the student and make them skillfull. Since playing real money games is the sole purpose of an online casino, the Book of Dead slot selection must be on point.


  1. To provide the best quality education at the most affordable price
  2. The overall development of children, so that they identify their unique strengths and skills
  3. Develop Ownership mindset and Self-identification



  1. We Believe,” Every child is unique, Gifted and Valuable”
  2. Be a Job creator, not a seeker
  3. Our students should be future Entrepreneur/ Businessman/ Self-employed
  4. Love and Excel in the field they wish

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Why Choose Us!

● 20 years of dedicated teaching and remarkable results

Arvind Gupta, the founder of Arvind Tutorials running this tuition for 20 years and has always focused on the improvement of students rather than just making profits. And maybe that’s the reason for our success in providing a dedicated teaching experience and remarkable results.

● Perfect and simple teaching methodology from basics to high level

For 20 years, Arvind Tutorials is following the unique way of teaching and perfect and simple way of teaching methodology which is again easy to understand from basics to high level.

● Motivational Seminars

Regular teaching and classes can’t impact student’s improvement. Arvind Tutorials understand this fact and thus to motivate students, We arrange regular motivational seminars which inspire students to work hard and achieve their goals.

● Daily 15 minutes for Personality Development sessions

Arvind Tutorials, as a team, believes that having bookish knowledge only cant make their students capable enough to achieve their goals in the future. And thus Arvind Tutorials arranges 15 minutes of Personality Development sessions to improve the personality of students.

● Group Discussions

Group Discussion is also an important part of personality development. Regular Group Discussions of Arvind Tutorials helps students in better communication.

●Debates and Speech

Regular debate sessions and classroom speeches build up the stage daring of students. Arvind tutorials know the importance of these things and so we arrange regular sessions for debates and speeches.

● Extempore and Leadership Skills

Leadership skills play a vital role in your life. Anywhere you go, Corporate, Business, or even in your personal life, leadership plays an important role. And thus to make students capable of that, Arvind Tutorials arrange regular sessions of Extempore and leadership skills.

● Interviews and Goal setting

Arvind Tutorials knows the fact that setting goals and preparing students for the interviews from childhood, is always better for their career enhancement. This helps students in better understanding of their goals so that they work hard towards them and prepare themselves accordingly.

● Talent Showcase

Arvind Tutorials believe in “Every child is unique and special” and thus, being the best tuitions in Panvel and all over Mumbai, Arvind Tutorials try to find out the hidden talents of their students.

● Individual counseling

Counseling the student individually impacts differently and the student can actually focus get himself/herself back on track. Arvind Tutorials understand these things and counsel their students

● One Foreign language Free - German/ Spanish/ Japanese

Arvind Tutorials give value for what they get paid for. Besides all these things, Arvind Tutorials also offer one foreign language course for German/ Spanish or Japanese at free of cost.

● Calligraphy course

Calligraphy defines the beauty of Art that you create. Arvind Tutorials offers free calligraphy course for its students so that they can keep their art continuing.

● Test After Every Chapter and Regular Doubt Sessions

Many times Students feel afraid or hesitate to ask their doubts in regular lectures. As we are the ones who understand students and their needs, we also have set special doubt solving sessions and also take regular tests after every chapter so that students will revise what they study and it will ultimately optimize their self-study

● Revision lectures prior to examination

Arvind Tutorials provide an advanced level of teaching experience and thus our faculties also arrange and take revision lectures before the exam which helps students revise what they have learned.

● Test series for final examination preparation

To practice and revise the whole syllabus again, Arvind Tutorials and its team arrange test series before the final examination for the final exam preparation.

● Progress Report Of Student’s Performance

Arvind Tutorials provides progress reports of the students so that students and their parents can make an analysis of their progress and also it helps us to make the student capable accordingly.

Our Testimonials

Arvind tutorials change the way of learning and teaching. Arvind sir teaches in a very efficient and effective way. Students not only learn things but also remember what has been taught. I am very fortunate to be one of the students in Arvind tutorials

Neha Gawand

One of the best tutorials and not only helps you to score good marks but teachers will guide you to your future career and help you to achieve your goal



Chirag Amarnani

The teaching method is good than other classes and individual feedback is given to each child





The teaching methods are extremely helpful and fruitful. Arvind Sir help’s understand difficult questions. He provides regular practice and helped Clear my Exams. All teachers and faculty are friendly and easy to talk to. Overall I saw a vast improvement in my scores and understanding of Topics.




12th KV-94.3%

Arya Pillai

12th DAV-91%


12th NHPS-90%


12th Dav-95%

Pushpa More

12th KV-93.4%


10th DAV-98%


12th RYAN-91%


12th RYAN-91%


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